“As I was growing up, I saw only war because I was born prior to the Japanese War and World War II so I grew up to see the Japanese war, then the Communists picked up the Japanese weapons to fight the Lao government and the French. I became a soldier around age 20.”

Chia Lor fought with the French and then with the Americans.  When Vang Pao left in May ’75, Commander Lor stayed.  He was quickly imprisoned and sent for re-education, which really meant prison.  Always a leader, always outspoken, Lor became a marked man.  His communist captors tried several schemes to trick him into running away so they could legitimately kill him, but Lor was too clever and too careful for them.  Twice they tried to kill him and twice he escaped.  His final escape was October 1983. 

Lor arrived in St Paul MN, July 1984.  He died in 2007.