Yang See’s father was approached by the CIA even before they approached General Vang Pao and asked to recruit Hmong men to fight against the Communists.  Yang See finished high school in Vientiane, Laos in 1967 before getting involved in the civil war that was being fought.  He first worked for the United States Information Services and then began working for the CIA in 1971 in Long Cheng as personal assistant to Jerry “Hog” Daniels, the CIA operative working directly with General Vang Pao.  Yang See acted as the liaison between the U.S. advisors and Vang Pao’s Special Guerrilla Unit.

In May, 1975, when the handwriting was on the wall and the Pathet Lao and Vietnamese forces were getting close to Long Cheng, Yang See realized that Vang Pao’s list of 2500 people was going to be entirely insufficient.  Although Yang See could have been on one of the first flights during that evacuation, he chose to send his wife, Pia Yang, and their 18 month-old son, but he traveled back to Vientiane in order to set up the first refugee camp for the Hmong in Nong Khai, Thailand.

Yang See lives in St Paul, MN with his wife Pia Yang. They own and run the Yang See Bridal Shop.