Long Yang’s father was recruited by the Americans to be a soldier.  In 1968, Long Yang had finished three years of school.  When his family moved to Long Cheng, he did one more year of school.  By this time, many of the men had died and the younger men and boys were being asked to fight.  Long Yang joined in 1970.

After the Communist takeover and the departure of the Americans and General Vang Pao, Long Yang became “Chao Fa” and fought against the Vietnamese until 1979.  Living in the jungle was very, very difficult.  There wasn’t enough food to eat and Long Yang’s mother died from the “kemmie” or yellow chemical rain that was dropped from the North Vietnamese planes.

Long Yang came to the US in 1994.  He is currently the president of the Lao Vets Association in St Paul, MN.